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There are many practical ways to digitally manage your everyday economy, but it can sometimes be a bit difficult to get started. At Betalningshjälpen we will show you how to shop online, pay bills, send money, and so forth, so that you can feel safe and secure about managing your digital everyday life.

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Digital payments have many benefits. It’s a quick and easy way to pay, and all the transactions are traceable which provides increased security.

It is quite natural to feel a bit insecure when finding yourself in unknown territory. There are words and concepts that are quite obvious to those who are familiar with the internet. That’s why we have made a simple introduction along with a small dictionary.

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Where to begin?

Before you start using digital payment methods, make sure you have access to your bank’s internet bank. If you don’t, you’ll need to visit a bank branch where they’ll help you with everything you need to get started. They can also help you activate BankID.

Next step

Now it’s time to get an electronic ID document; BankID. Read more about how each bank handles the process..

You can do most of your bank errands directly on your mobile, which is why you should also download your bank’s mobile app. You’ll find it in the same places you’ll find other apps for your smartphone (App Store or Google Play).

Now you’re ready to start using digital payments quickly, easily and securely!

Pay bills on the computer, I do it all the time.

Ann-Mari Rosén, 84 år


Here we try to give you answers to the most frequently asked questions about Betalningshjälpen. Can’t find the answer to what you’re looking for? Contact us or your bank.

What is Betalningshjälpen?

Betalningshjälpen is an initiative created by Mastercard in collaboration with some of Sweden’s largest banks and SPF Seniorerna, with the purpose of helping more people participate in the digital payment system.

In the summer of 2019, we conducted a successful training tour all around Sweden to inform about digital payments and services. Because of the pandemic, Betalningshjälpen can no longer travel the country and meet the elderly. Instead, we invite them to Betalningshjä It is a digital knowledge platform with inspiration and tools to empower the elderly citizens when using digital payments.

Who stands behind Betalningshjälpen?

It is a collaboration between Mastercard, some of Sweden’s largest banks and SPF Seniorerna.

What is the goal of Betalningshjälpen?

To contribute to a positive social development and to ensure that the gap to those who are digitally excluded is reduced. Betalningshjälpen wants everyone to be included in the digital economy regardless of their circumstances and age, and be able to take advantage of the possibilities of digital payments.

Why is this investment so important?

Our surveys of the 70+ group show that as many as 80% do not feel completely secure when it comes to digital payments. Therefore, there’s a great need for educational efforts targeted towards the elderly, so that they can safely and easily manage their personal finances and payments.

In 2019 the Betalningshjälpen tour visited 16 locations in Sweden. The result showed that more than 7 out of 10 elderly people felt more comfortable with digital payments after their meeting with Betalningshjälpen. That’s why we’re taking the next step and creating, “the go- to knowledge platform for finding answers to payment-related questions”.

Has Betalningshjälpen been created to drive a cashless society?

No, Betalningshjälpen has been developed so that everyone, regardless of age, has the same chance to participate in the digital economy.

How will you follow up on the effort to see if it produces results?

Our goals are primarily about increasing the level of knowledge among those who experience, or risk, digital exclusion. Goals of this kind are difficult to measure, and are usually only visible when a broader behavioral change occurs. Having said that, we are currently looking at appropriate methods to be able to measure and follow up Betalningshjä – exactly how is too early to say.

Is this just a one-off effort or is there a long-term plan for the initiative?

The Betalningshjälpen training tour in 2019 was an important start for Mastercard’s local work for digital inclusion in Sweden. As we expand Betalningshjä, we are taking the next big step in our work to ensure that everyone can take part in the payment solutions of the future.

Mastercard, together with others, want to contribute to a positive, social development and take local social responsibility through digital inclusion. We hope that more people – both private and public actors – want to be involved in supporting the initiative. Betalningshjälpen will continue to work to ensure that everyone can benefit from the digital payment solutions of the future.

Today, many elderly experiences exclusion as a result of our increasingly cashless society. In what way can Mastercard take responsible action in this development?

As part of the payment ecosystem, we obviously see that we have a responsibility to include groups that are at risk of being digitally excluded, so that everyone can benefit from new technologies and participate in society. Mastercard works continuously to make payment technology more inclusive, and has several efforts in play to ensure that all groups at risk of digital exclusion can be included in the digital economy. Betalningshjälpen is an important contribution to this work, specifically designed to accommodate the behavior pattern of seniors and their needs for digital payments.

Why is the new and updated Betalningshjä being launched right now?

The ongoing pandemic makes the situation acute. We know that many elderlies are alone at home without the opportunity to go out shopping for food and medicines, paying bills or using other simple everyday services. Being in this situation, the feeling of vulnerability and alienation grows. Helping the elderly and making them feel safe online and managing payments is more important than ever.

At the same time, we should not stereotype, we are talking about over 1.5 million inhabitants over the age of 70. Among them are both so-called silver surfers and those who need help with feeling safe online and handling payments. However, the need for participation is the same. Digital technology is now crucial for communicating, supporting and helping family, friends and loved ones.

By offering information and practical tools, we are convinced that Betalningshjälpen can help reduce digital exclusion among the elderly, both now in times of crisis and in the long run.