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One card. Many advantages.

Paying by card is easy, convenient and safe.

With a debit card, the money is deducted directly from your account, just as if you were withdrawing and using cash. With a credit card, you will receive an invoice for all payments for the period.

The cards can be used to shop in stores, but also to make purchases online.

Paying by card is easy

By far, the easiest way to pay by card in a store is to make a contactless payment, to blip. All you have to do is hold the card against the terminal to make a purchase. This works for purchases up to SEK 400. If it’s a higher amount you can still blip but you will also need to enter your personal code.

You can also pay by inserting your card into the terminal and entering your personal code, if you’re more comfortable with that. But remember, blipping is just as safe!

The beauty of shopping online is that you have access to all kinds of stores – when it suits you. You don’t have to wait in line to pick up tickets to the train or the cinema. You can also have your goods delivered wherever you want, without having to carry them home. And the easiest way to pay online is to use a card.

Paying by card is safe

In the event of a card fraud, you can contact your bank and request a refund. Whenever you pay with a card your purchases are protected. It doesn’t matter if you’ve shopped in a physical store, on the phone or on the computer.

However, you are always responsible for protecting your card and code, so it’s not lost or stolen. Should you lose the card, you immediately need to contact your bank.

If you have ordered and paid for goods that do not arrive, if there is something wrong with the goods or if the store has gone bankrupt, you can also contact your bank and request a refund.

Extra protection

Most bank- and credit cards include insurance policies, that vary slightly between different banks. Common examples are:

  • Travel insurance
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Accident insurance

Did you know that…

There are three different types of cards: debit cards, charge cards and credit cards. With debit cards, the money is deducted directly, with a charge card you get a monthly invoice that must be paid directly and with a credit card you can choose how much you want to pay – the full amount, any amount or the minimum amount that the credit company enters on the invoice.

of Swedish households use debit cards when buying in-store
of Swedish households never withdraw cash
of All Swedes between the age of 16 and 85 have access to cards

I blip every time I shop with cards. It’s the fastest way!

Nelson Reveco, 71 år


Here are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions about card payments. Can’t find the answer to what you’re looking for? Please contact us or your bank.

What are the benefits of card payments?

  • Insurance and protection are often included
  • It is easy to have an overview of your expenses
  • It’s safe and fast
  • The risk of robbery is reduced
  • Card payments have led to less money laundering in Sweden
  • Reduced cash handling also means fewer store- and cash transport robberies

How do contactless card payments work (to blip)?

You blip your card at the store’s terminal and the purchase is completed. For purchases under SEK 400, no PIN code is needed. For purchases over 400 SEK, you can still get blip, but you need to enter the card’s PIN.

As an extra security, you may sometimes be asked to enter your PIN, even if the amount is less than SEK 400.

As of April 17, 2020, the limit for blip payments was changed from SEK 200 to SEK 400.

Is it safe to pay contactless?

Contactless payments use the same technology as when buying with a chip and PIN, with the difference that the information is transported from the card to the terminal wireless. The encryption is unique to each purchase, and protects the information at each transaction.

What is the difference between debit cards, charge cards and credit cards?

Debit cards are linked to a bank account and issued by a bank. When you use the card, the account you’ve linked the card to is immediately charged.

Charge cards and credit cards are cards where you pay on credit, which means that you borrow the money from the bank/creditor.

You then have to repay the bank/creditor. For charge cards, the entire debt/loan is paid when the cardholder receives their total invoice for completed purchases. For credit cards, the cardholder can choose to pay all or part of the amount that the single invoice represents. If you choose not to pay the full amount, you will often be charged an interest rate on that part of the loan/credit that is not repaid. The terms and conditions are different depending on the bank/creditor.

  • Charge cards or credit cards can be issued by your bank in collaboration with, for example, Mastercard or VISA, but also by a standalone card issuer, such as American Express.
  • Debit cards are always issued by a bank and usually in collaboration with Mastercard or VISA.

How do I know if it’s possible to blip my card?

Your card will have the contactless payments symbol on the front.

Can I disable the contactless feature on my card?

Yes. If you want to turn off the ability to pay contactless, contact your bank and they will help you.

Can I pay with my card online immediately after opening it for internet purchases?

Yes, you will receive confirmation that the card is open for internet purchases when you open it in the internet bank or in the app. In some cases, there may be a delay, even though you have received a confirmation. If you can’t shop right after you open the card for internet purchases, you may have to wait a while and try again a bit later on.

Do contactless payments work in other countries?

You can pay contactless all over the world where the opportunity exists.

How do I change the PIN on my card?

It depends on which bank you have. The most common way is to change the PIN in one of the ATM machines. You can also change your code via the phone bank or internet bank. You must have access
to your current code prior to the switch. Remember to choose a code that is difficult for outsiders to guess, and choose a combination that is not too easy to figure out.

How do I order a new PIN for my debit and credit card?

You cannot order a new PIN for your debit and credit card. However, if you forgot your PIN, you could order a reminder on your current PIN. However, this may change in the future.

How do I pay with my card on the internet?

Most cards are activated for purchases on the internet. However, there are exceptions where you yourself as a cardholder have to “open” the card for purchase on the internet. Check with your card issuer what applies to your card.

Increased security in card payments

When you shop with your card, the bank needs to know that the right person is making the purchase. That verification is done through an identification that indicates that you are you. An example is when you sign with Mobile BankID or use PIN when shopping online or in-store.

Isn’t it more dangerous to shop online? What if someone steals my card credentials?

When shopping online, you should always make sure that the payment method offered is safe. Safe solutions are for example Mastercard Secure code and Verified by VISA, both based on a standard called EMV 3DS. When shopping in an online store connected to these security services, you need to use BankID to provide a temporary password to confirm that you are you, and approve the purchase. The type of identification requested is controlled by the card issuer. The bank takes responsibility for any fraud that might occur.

It is possible to buy protection for cards (for skimming) to avoid someone stealing your money through a device. Doesn’t that mean that cards are not that secure?

As long as you protect the card’s CVV/CVC code (the three-digit security code on the back of the card) and the PIN, you’ll be safe. None of this necessary information can be read from a contactless card.

What is the difference between Mastercard, Visa and American Express?

Mastercard and VISA manage the underlying technology that enables you as a customer to pay pretty much anywhere in the world. The cards themselves are issued by a bank, that in turn uses the technology of Mastercard and VISA. American Express differs as they act as their own card issuer.

What’s the difference between what Visa and Mastercard offer?

As a consumer, you won’t notice any difference between the two companies when you use your card. However, each issuing bank has the opportunity to shape its specific card offering to the customers.

When I don’t have cash, I find it hard to get an overview of how much money I’ve spent. Isn’t cash better in this regard?

In the same way cash in your wallet gives you an overview, login into your bank app on your phone gives you the same control. One advantage is that all your expenses are gathered in one place and it’s easy to keep track of where, when and how much you have shopped for.

I can’t use Mobile BankID, what should I do?

If you do not have the opportunity to use Mobile BankID, you can instead confirm your purchases on the internet with password and SMS. You choose a password and connect your mobile number in the internet bank. You can only connect Swedish mobile numbers.

What should I do if the validity period of my card is about to expire?

You will automatically receive an exchange card when the validity period of your existing card expires. The exchange card arrives no later than the 20th of the month on your existing card.

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