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Paying bills and invoices is something that most of us do every month.

There are different, more traditional ways of paying bills: in the bank, by giro payment or direct debit. A simpler, but equally safe way, is doing it through your internet bank or mobile bank.

Pay a bill

Exactly how this is done varies a bit between different banks, but generally it’s as follows:

  • Log in to your internet bank
  • Open the payments tab
  • Enter the giro number, OCR number, and the sum indicated on the paper invoice
  • Select the date and account from which the money will be deducted
  • Approve the payment

Digital mailbox

A popular service is something called Digital Mailbox. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a service that collects letters you normally get in your regular mailbox. But since it is a digital service, it comes with extra features that are both easier and safer than a mailbox.

More than 140 authorities and municipalities use digital mailboxes. Some examples: the Swedish Public Employment Service, the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, the Swedish Enforcement Authority, the National Land Survey, the Swedish Pensions Agency, the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Transport Agency.

There are currently four different digital mailboxes; Digimail, E-boks, My Government Post and Kivra. Kivra is by far the largest digital mailbox in Sweden with over 20,000 connected companies and over three million users. You should of course choose the mailbox that suits you best. We have chosen to show examples of what you can do with Kivra, since it has the most features and is most commonly used.

With Kivra you get important mail digitally such as invoices, tax returns, pension specifications and credit reports. But you can also get receipts for your purchases directly in Kivra from connected companies, instead of a paper receipt. For now, this applies to ICA and Åhléns.

Another practical feature is that you can pay bills and invoices you received, directly in Kivra. You won’t have to keep track of paper invoices and enter long OCR numbers. All it takes is a push of a button.

Getting a digital mailbox is easy and only takes a few minutes. You enter your email, phone number, personal identity number and identify yourself with Mobile BankID. Then you will automatically start receiving mail digitally from connected companies and authorities with whom you have a relationship.

Did you know that…

Over three million Swedes use Kivra.
In 1996, the first internet banks were launched in the Nordic region.
92% of internet users pay the bills online

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