Shop online

Convenient, simple and safe

Shopping online is just as shopping in any other store.

Almost all stores have a website to complement the traditional store. In addition, there are several giant, so-called e-commerce stores that conduct all their business online.

Shop online

The advantages are of course that you can shop 24/7, and immediately see if the item is in stock. You can also easily compare prices between different stores and read reviews of the product. And you can have the goods delivered directly to your door, or to your nearest delivery point.

The process is very simple and works pretty much the same on all websites.

  • Browse the page (store) where you want to shop, find what you are interested in.
  • Click on the item’s “buy” button, the item will then be placed in a digital shopping cart.
  • When you are done, it is time to go to the checkout.
  • Make sure the right items are in the cart.
  • Enter shipping information, shipping method, delivery point and notification method.

When everything is correct, it’s for the payment itself.

Payment methods

Most e-retailers offer a few different variants of payment methods. One is to enter your card details and pay directly. If you choose this solution, the merchant can save your details for the next purchase, so that you don’t have to enter all the information again on the next purchase, a so-called “card-on-file” solution.

Online payment

It is also possible to allow payment to be made via a specialized online payment solution, such as Klarna or Qliro. It’s then possible to receive the goods first and pay by e-invoice afterwards. It’s a good solution when you for example want to see if the item fits and have the opportunity to return it, before the invoice has to be paid. That way you don’t have to pay in advance.

Shop at a pharmacy

We want to show you an example of how to easy it is to shop online.

We have chosen to buy Alvedon on Apotek Hjärtat’s website and we will explain step by step how it is done.

Step 1

Go to Apotek Hjärtat’s website

Step 2

Buy product

Click the “Buy button” under the product

Step 3


The “shopping cart” in the upper right shows that you have a product in the basket. Click on the cart.

Step 4

Click “To checkout”

Step 5

Check cart

Make sure you have the right products in your cart.

Step 6

Select delivery options

Step 7

Select payment method

Step 8

Click “Complete purchase”

Did you know that…

310 miljarder kronor
Swedes shopped for SEK 310 billion online in 2019
of all purchases are related to travel
of all body and health products are purchased online


Shopping online is easy. However, in order for your internet purchase to be as secure as possible, there are a few things that you should consider. Can’t find the answer to what you’re looking for? Contact us or your bank.

Think before you do

Always be suspicious of extremely cheap offers and “miracle products”.

Check the company where you’re going to shop.

Check the company where you’re going to shop. Make sure there are credible contact details for the company and read on the internet about what others think of it.

Read the terms

Always read the terms of purchase or the terms of the contract before you buy anything from the company.

Get in contact with the company’s customer service.

The company’s customer service should be easy to contact and the information about the customer service should be clear.

Hidden fees

Check the total price, delivery terms and payment terms. Make sure you look at the total price before accepting a payment.

Does the right of withdrawal apply if you are shopping outside the EU?

When you shop online within the EU, you always have a 14-day right of withdrawal. If you shop from a company outside the EU, other rules may apply. Therefore, pay special attention when shopping online outside the EU.

Pay by credit card

If you choose to pay with a credit card or shop by invoice, you will receive extra protection by the purchase being covered by the Consumer Credit Act. You can then contact the creditor, i.e., the card issuer (bank) or the company from which you have received the invoice, with a claim for a refund if, for example, the goods are not delivered within the agreed time.

You have three years’ right of complaint

The rights you have in a regular store also apply online. You always have three years of right to complain. This means that if there turns out to be something wrong with what you bought, you have three years to get it fixed, get a new one or get a refund.

Buying medicines on the internet

Several approved Swedish pharmacies allow you to buy medicines on their websites. But there are also many rogue operators, pharmacies that are not approved, where you risk buying drugs that are counterfeit and thus not controlled.

Always look for the national pharmacy symbol, a green cross, when shopping for medicines at Swedish pharmacies.

There is an EU-common symbol for the e-commerce in medicines. Anyone who sells medicines remotely over the internet should display the symbol on their websites. The symbol is available in all EU countries.

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